Reiki for both people and pets is available in a relaxing office space in Fort Washington, MD, by appointment. I am also available to perform Reiki at your home or farm for yourself or your animals. If you are between 10 and 30 miles from 20613, there will be a $5 mileage fee. I do not travel more than 30 miles from Brandywine, MD 20613. 

All new human clients are required to to have an initial intake history (fee below). Repeat clients pay only the fee listed for the service provided. Intake can be performed by phone or in person. Reiki sessions are 30 to 60 minutes long, depending on the client and their needs.

I also offer crystal therapy in conjunction with Reiki.

  • Initial Intake - $125, this can take 1 to 2 hours, new human clients only, Reiki session included
  • Human Reiki - $85 to $125, depending on client's needs, 60-minute appointment
  • Animals (cats, dogs, reptiles, etc.) - $45 to $85, depending on client's needs, 30- to 60-minute appointment
  • Travel Fee - In-Person session over 10 miles and up to a max of 30 miles from 20613 - $5 fee plus session fee; distances over 30 miles are on a case-by-case basis and incur up to an additional $10 travel fee.

Distance Reiki

I also offer distance Reiki for anyone who wishes to receive Reiki for themselves or their animal(s) and who is more than 30 miles away, unable to have a hands-on therapy, or prefers distance work. This is an excellent option for busy households where distractions might otherwise impede a successful session.

  • Distance Reiki - $40 / 20-minute session
  • Reiki Crystal Grid - $45 and up / week (you get to keep the crystals and the grid even if you're not using it any longer)

Supplementary Therapy - Animal Communication, Transition Counseling, and Flower Essences

Flower Essences can be mailed via USPS for an additional fee.

  • Custom Flower Essence Blends (10 mL) - $10
  • Crystal Work - $15 and up; pricing varies by situation.
  • Animal Communication (distance or in person) - $45
  • Communication & Transition Counseling Package (distance or in person) - $75 and up; pricing varies by situation.

Professional Pet Services

I am available for in-home pet sitting only at this time. Clients are encouraged to contact me directly for availability. I am fully insured for pet sitting, dog walking, basic dog training, and basic grooming. A copy of my policy is available upon request. The initial consult to discuss your needs, meet your pets, and set up a schedule is absolutely free but is required before booking any other services. 

I am no longer offering any dog training as part of my services and am not accepting new walking clients at this time. 

  • Dog Walking - $15 for 15 minutes (small to medium dogs), $20 for 30 minutes (medium to large dogs)
  • Pet Sitting - $50/day includes one 30-minute visit and two 15-minute visits, $35 for 1/2 day includes one 30-minute visit and one 15-minute visit
  • In-home overnight stay - $65/day includes one 15-minute midday visit, breakfast, dinner, and overnight stay at client's home.