Carolyn - "Thank you so so much Ame. I want to share with you that he ate tonight just after 6:00 pm for the first time in 5 days. This sh*t works!" - Yoschy, dog with acute kidney failure

Kristen - "She is loosey-goosey and feeling great!" - Saylor, partially paralzyed senior dog

Leslie - "The vet has had her on all kinds of things, and after one visit [with Ame], my dog is using her leg and walking normally." - Sunnie, arthritic dog

Lisa - "I really appreciate that you went above and beyond to help Sheldon with his anxiety. He ate like a champ when I fed him this evening." - Sheldon, cat with anxiety

Susan - "Bali actually snuggled up to Pickles the other day and gave him a headbutt as a friend. You are really helping both of them. Thank you so much." Pickles & Bali, cats with anxiety, multiple cat household issues

Acupuncture By Kristen - Animal acupuncturist in southern PG County.

Think Like A Dog - Dog training in Southern Maryland

K9 to Feline Sitters - Dog walking and training, pet sitting in Charles County